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Review: Obsidian

Title: Obsidian (Lux ~ Book 1)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Publication Date: May 08 2012
Publisher: Entangled Publishing 
Length: 361 Pages
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Source: Purchased (Kindle Edition)
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My Rating: 5 Stars

Point of View: 1st Person, following Kat (There is a small bit at the end with two scenes from Daemon's POV)

I am going to see if I can get a feeling across to you.  Imagine that you have a set of freshly cleaned fluffy towels in the dryer.  The dryer dings to let you know that the cycle is complete.  You open the door and you are immediately hit with the warmth of the towels inside.  You reach in for them and the warmth slowly starts at your fingers tips and then moves all the way up your arms and into your chest.  Then as you are folding them you feel the tiny little sparks of electricity...

That feeling.  That is what you feel while reading Obsidian.  Not just from the warmth that you can imagine that is radiating from Daemon but the electricity that you can feel between him and Kat.  It is electrifying!  Honestly.

I think the easiest way to break down this review is to go through my favorite characters one at a time.

Dee.  She is Daemon's sister and I love her!  She is quirky and fun and very loyal.  She has a need to feel human and to live a life as close to a human as possible. You can tell how much she craves real friends and is overjoyed when she meets Kat.  Daemon does not make their friendship easy and pretty much does whatever he can to push Kat away.  She is also stuck in a relationship that she doesn't want to be in but feels there is no way to break free from it.  She really opens up throughout the book as you see her getting closer to Kat and making other friends at school.

Kat. Katy. Kittycat. Kitten.  She is called a lot of names but none are as awesome as Kitten.  I honestly found myself smirking every time Daemon calls her Kitten.  Kat is a fellow book blogger therefore right from the start I was on her side and loved her.  She is a bit of a recluse in that her favorite past time is at home with a good book, her laptop and her blog followers.  You can tell she is a bit shy but man does she know how to stand up for herself!  She doesn't back down from an argument and stands her ground against those that want to do her or her friends harm.  She is a great character and very relatable.  My only grumble with her is that she just can't seem to see through Daemon's facade.  I know it is easy for me who is seeing the situation from an outsider to say this but sometimes I just wanted to shake her silly.  Dee knows that Daemon really cares, we know that Daemon really cares... why oh why can she not see it?

Daemon.  Hhhmmmm.... What can I say about Daemon?  Hot!  Yep that is a word that I could use both literally and figuratively.  How can he not be hot when his true form is pure light?  How can he not be hot when he is described with a body to die for, dark hair and bright green eyes.  Yes. I love this man.  He is the quintessential bad boy but you can tell he is all soft and gooey inside.  He loves winding Kat [aka Kitten to him] up and I love reading about him winding her up and seeing how far he can push her.  He is torn between the feelings he is having for Kat and the reality of what a relationship with her will entail.  Both can be answered with one word.  Trouble.

If you are somebody that likes the instant love and relationship type stories then this book may not be for you.  There is a very slow burn of emotions between Kat and Daemon and to me it is at a perfect pace.  Yes there is an instant attraction by Kat toward Daemon, why would there not be?  But things take a while to really heat up but wow... when they are in the same room together it is almost unbearable.  As in I got goosebumps when they would lock eyes and hold each other's stare.  It is that electric!

As I mentioned above the book is written in 1st person POV following Kat, however there is a section at the end from Daemon's POV.  I loved reading those two scenes!  Yes we already know he does really care for her but getting that confirmation and seeing it through his sexy green eyes was a joy to read.

I would strongly recommend this series and I am really looking forward to reading book two, Onyx.



  1. Ooh stellar review! I cannot wait to read this myself! I've had it for awhile and am really trying to "pencil it" in. But it's taking longer than I thought! But cannot wait! Love Kat being a book blogger. Love Daemon and his snarkiness. Oooh, I know I will love this! I just have to find the time to read it!

    Great review!!

    1. Awwww thanks! I am so late in replying to my comments but I can't thank you enough for the kind words. :) You will love them when you read them, I promise.

      Christine x

  2. This book sounds so incredible. I can't find it near me though- I'm thinking of getting it as an ebook. Great review though, I liked your analogy.

    1. I follow the author on FB and have seen her mention recently that there are more and more physical books being made available every day. If you still can't find them now though I would strongly suggest the ebook, you will love them. :)

  3. Oh, this series sounds like such fun! I feel as if I'm the only one who hasn't read it. Great review--you've sort of put me in the mood to do my laundry now! :)

    1. I would do my laundry every single day if Daemon was around! :P Those three friends of mind that I forced to read it have finished and are now as hooked as I am. :)


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